Metal Knights

Metal Knights 1.802

A multi player strategy game that was designed to beintuitive and easy to play

Metal Knights is a multiplayer strategy game developed by a small company KnightSoft Technologies. The game is definitely not the greatest in terms of its graphics technology, or even innovative. What it is though, is good strategic fun for everyone.

Metal Knights at the beginning resemble the old Civilization, and the gameplay is very similar indeed. The graphics of the game looks very outdated, but it is not the strong point of the game. With a download size of slightly over 2 megabytes, one knows it's not going to be a technological showcase. The great thing about this game is the strategic options you have. Although it resembles Civilization, the whole focus of the game is online playing, therefore the turn-based system is quicker because there is less micro-management to do. You do have to manage your bases and borders, though. Unit management is also crucial, and you have to control the technology advancements as well.

In general, it does feel like Civilization, the best thing being the multiplayer option. There is a good amount of servers with many players online. You can play more than one game simultaneously depending on your license, making the waiting times shorter, though you might get confused about which game you are in. The game, on the whole, is strategically challenging and very entertaining. It is also small and simple, and runs anywhere - so it is definitely suitable for almost any person.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A good strategy game


  • Outdated graphics
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